A mental health app

Prevent and overcome anxiety, depression, panic, and stress with various Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies.


The demand for mental health support has increased, and today too many people remain unable to get the care and support they need! In order to help them, how can I combine SOS aid with daily practices?  


People with mental health problems who are aware of it and want to learn new methods for improving their pain.

Design process



Mental health data
User interviews (7)
Comparative Analysis
Learning from therapists



Feature sitmap
Brand identity


Design & Test

UI Design


Mental health in data

1.  About 15% of the world’s population, or 970 million people, suffer from mental disorders.
2. The largest number of people suffer from anxiety disorders, estimated at around 4% of the population.
3. Sleeping problems and low energy are also some of the most common symptoms.


I conducted seven interviews as Brighter’s target audience.

Pain points

I stress out due to social interactions and work.”

“I’m scared of my next panic attack.”

“Once a week, I meet my therapist, but I feel like I also need daily practice.”

“I can’t afford a therapist, and online talks are not as effective.”

“I wish I could get immediate support in moments of struggle.”

I don’t have the time to take care of myself.”

Users are expected to use the app for small breaks in a their daily routine, even on the bus with headphones. Most of the SOS calls will begin in the smartwatch.

Comparative Analysis

There are no MCBT apps at all! I found a small selection of CBT apps that are mostly not intuitive. Relatively, there is a large selection of lovely mindfulness and talking therapy apps. 

Prioritize and implement feature

I gained an understanding of my interviewees’ preferences by watching them use these features.  

Learning from therapists

I reached two psychologists and one psychiatrist and learned about best practices and tools to give to a patient from a distance.

Information architecture

I wrote down my many ideas on sticky notes and created different sitemaps. 

An idea that was finally not chosen

Final sitemap

The Solution

Practice at any time and place the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

MBCT encourages clarity of thought and provides you the tools needed to more easily let go “of negative thoughts.”

Main features

SOS aid - Panic attack

The SOS button in the mobile app

Activates a relaxation series of deep, calming breaths, sayings, and questions that help you quickly relax and see things in proportion.

The monitoring smartwatch

Monitors your heart rate to get help immediately. It will activate the relaxation series.

A personalized library

I used several MCBT techniques, which appear according to your preferences. For example, you could write or record yourself, practice a personalized mediation, etc. The plan you choose appears in the most visible place on the homepage, and you can return to it at any time. 



Based on several brand keywords, I developed a style guide that can be used to align all visual elements of the project.

Chosen colors

Illustrations made by me

Typography - 'Nunito' font

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